Reiki And Cancer Scientific Research

Kidney cancer cells, SEM

Short Summary

In this paper, we examined the ability of Reiki (biofield medicine involving subtle energy fields in and around the practitioner body for medical purposes) to damage cancer cells in vitro.


The biofield created by a Reiki practitioner can affect cancer cells directly without the involvement of a patient’s mind because they contain energy that affects all living things.

General method:

Contact treatments (Reiki) were combined with techniques of cell culture and randomized, blind design on human breast cancer MCF-7 cell line. The control groups consisted of untreated cell cultures.

Outcome measures:

The effects of cancer cell damage were characterized by measurements of cell growth suppression, cell cycle distribution, and increased apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Data analysis:

Student’s t-test calculations (significant difference at P<0.05).


Reiki treatment significantly ( aproximatelly twice) increased the amount of cells in the early stages of apoptosis in MCF-7 cells. Cell cycle had been damaged as well and the amount of MCF-7 cells in the sub G1 checkpoint has been increased as approximatelly 10 times. Such cell damage reduced tumor cell growth more than twice.


Reiki treatment can cause significant damage and cell growth decrease in cancer cells.



Dr. Rozanova has a PhD in Biology and is also a cancer researcher at the University of California Santa Cruz.


I’ve been trying to publish these results about 10 years now. But no scientific magazine wants to do it. They do not have problem with the scientific design, but they do have problem with the results, because results show that Reiki can help not only in side effects of cancer treatment but in cancer treatment itself. I suppose they do not want upset big Pharma from there all funds go to them.
So I need to publish these results myself and for this I need your help. Think that these results can help you or your loved one to know more about alternative, safe and effective cancer treatment.
The more you know the better choice you will make.